Piano Sonata #3

Piano Sonata #3 (35 minutes long) is an epic composition considering the size and revolutionary means of expression (Appassionata is only 22 minutes long). No work with a similar concept, no work written in a similar compositional technique exists in the music history.

Piano Sonata #3 has four movements. The third movement - tango with trio. The fourth - triple fugue. Its very last note is climax and denouement of the sonata.

Print the score in A3 format to make it readable.

Kostitsyn's synchronous music for piano solo has very specific rules dictated by ability of one executor to perform several musical pieces in different tempi and styles simultaneously. You might also be interested to check his Piano Sonata #1, or Prelude and Fugue #22 (they are performed simultaneously).

Conlon Nancarrow used mechanical piano - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kdm04Rz3wTk - when composed polytempo music. It means that even polytempo music may contain overwhelming difficulties for human performers.