The Golden Calf

Kostitsyn Films is looking for co-production, presale of distribution rights and product placement in the feature movie "The Golden Calf".

"The Golden Calf", a movie directed and produced by Evgeni Kostitsyn, is based on the comic masterpiece of the 20th century - "The Golden Calf" by Ilf and Petrov. "The Golden Calf" novel was published in Russia in 1928. Several Russian movie versions exist and the least successful one has made Russian sales higher than "Harry Potter". Mr. Kostitsyn will present "The Golden Calf" to the international audience for the first time. In English.

Kostitsyn wrote his own version of "The Golden Calf" and altered its characters. He also composed "The Golden Calf"opera in two different languages - Russian and English. Some music material from "The Golden Calf" opera will be used for movie soundtrack.

It is difficult to determine genre of "The Golden Calf" movie. This is a Biblical story, detective, comedy, drama, theater of the absurd... The plot, involving gangs and racketeering, and the period of the 1920's, associates this work with "Public Enemy" and "The Godfather".

Targeted audience (based on analysis of Russian audience of "The Golden Calf") - everyone from 5 year old and older regardless of race, religion, culture and education.

This high budget movie will feature major artists and different locations in the US .